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Elizabeth Dole

we are that disenfranchised

Forum: Newsgroup soc.feminism
Date: 03/21/1999

In article <>, "Mike Rosario" wrote:

If E. Dole is a feminist, I must be a racoon. Just demanding any woman for office will not advance the cause of feminism; conversely, an Elizabeth Dole victory would send feminism into full retreat.

actually, her victory would have one positive effect: debunking of myths surrounding women in politics. feminists may be the "sucker" this time, but eventually liberals and conservatives alike will learn that candidates should be judged on what they stand for, not what gender they present. on the other hand, imagine what would happen if we elected a woman into the presidency for the first time and she was a feminist -- conservatives would forever *link* every female candidate to her "extremist" ideas rather than judging on what they actually stand for.

not that i would support elizabeth dole over a truly feminist candidate (female or male), but her election wouldn't be much worse than election of any other republican candidates.

I'm very suspicious about her whole strategy.

don't worry, she's not gonna win the party nomination. they are too dumb for that. however, she'll be a perfect (i.e. democrats' nightmare) candidate for vice presidency, as the notion of female vice president is not nearly as threatening to conservatives..

The woman is a reactionary. Right Wing and certainly sexist herself, she's submissive to the men around her. I'm sure Bob Dole would be running things through her if she was elected, if not one of the Republican elite.

hey hey... while i do not support elizabeth dole at all, i feel that you are being unfairly and especially hard on her for being a non-feminist female as opposed to a non-feminist male. isn't that like some distorted version of misogyny...?

The only thing Elizabeth Dole has in common with the average feminist is her sex, this is not justification for electing her, and I'm sure Frieden, Patricia Ireland, MacKinnon and Dworkin can all agree on that much.

probably. but then, you can't blame some women for voting dole -- for some, it may be the first time ever that they can feel that a candidate has at least one thing in common with them. if a significant number of feminist women cast their votes for elizabeth dole (i highly doubt that), it is not the evidence of their ignorance; rather, it is the evidence of systematic alienation these women were made to feel.

I cannot stress this enough, feminism does not mean supporting any woman that runs for office regardless of her politics, it means supporting *feminism*. Working to get some Martha Stewart into office will not liberate women.

uh... i wish you could stop preaching women what feminism is or what feminists should do, and start doing it to other men. as far as feminist issues are concerned, it is mostly male voters who need some more education...

- ai.