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Lesbian Separatism vs. White Supremacy

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Forum: CampTrans Feedback Form
Date: 07/19/1999

emi from USA wrote on July 19. 1999, 01:42:
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In response to what Scott wrote...

(1) Comparing MWMF's exclusion of trans women to white supremacy is completely wrong and offensive. MWMF does not hold nearly as much institutional power as the contemporary racial order called white supremacy, not even close. Are you a black person by any chance? Do you have any idea how much impact white supremacy has on black people's lives even today, or how offensive your comments are to black people?

(2) I do not feel comfortable with the idea that someone who was born as a male and identifies as a male using the existence of trans women as a tool and an excuse to attack the MWMF, especially in the name of feminism. What do you think you are to preach women what feminists should do? It's great that you support trans women, but ultimately this is between women. Men can be supporters, but they should not dictate MWMF (or Camp Trans, for that matter) like they dictate almost everything else. Your suggestion that MWMF should change in order to admit men (as if men don't occupy and control more than their share of spaces) is completely absurd. No wonder the MWMF is afraid to welcome trans women in -- I would be too, if I thought men like you might get in just by pretending to be a pre-op trans woman at the gate! (Don't get me wrong, I oppose the MWMF's position not admitting trans women; however, I do understand what their concerns are, especially if they are uneducated about trans issues).

(3) "Human rights" arguments used by a member of the privileged group to benefit the privileged group and to attack the non- privileged group sickens me. Sure, the concept of humans rights is a great convention, but if applied in absolute terms, it only benefits the group that has the power and resources to enforce their rights while diminishing other groups'. That is exactly what happens when men demand to enter the MWMF because they have the rights (and you are suggesting suing the MWMF!) If you think men's exclusion from the MWMF is a glaring example of injustice, you are completely out of touch and you have no idea what "injustice" means). Get over with the narrow Western patriarchal system of societal arrangements and maybe take a look at feminist alternatives.

(4) Your line of argument where you trash all forms of identity politics and separatism as just as guilty as the institutional patriarchy and white supremacy is flawed, and is identical to what politically savvy racists and anti-feminists are using. You see, they don't publicly state "blacks are inferior" or anything like that, but they make sure white supremacy would continue by accusing black movements of "reverse discrimination" every time they attempt any real progress. Are you really a feminist, or just someone who quotes trendy feminist theorists out of context just to attack women?