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Slides from Emi's Presentations

Here are some sample of slides that Emi used in presentations, uploaded here so that you can get some idea about her presentations. Please understand that they are meant to compliment Emi's speech, and are therefore incomplete representation for her presentations. Also, note the year in which they were created: some of the information presented might have become outdated.

[update] Apple is discontinuing, which I use to share these slides made in Apple Keynote. I'm exploring alternatives to continue to host these slides here, but they may disappear after July 2012.

Erasure of Transgender Youth in the Sex Trade: How Transgender Community, Sex Workers' Movement, and Anti-Trafficking Movement Fail Transgender Youth

Transgender Day of Remembrance, Portland State University
November 20, 2011

Real Feminists & Human Rights Activists Don't Buy Ashton: Sex Workers & Allies Confront the Anti-Trafficking Movement

San Francisco Sex Workers Art & Film Festival
May 27, 2011

Shelter as a Tool of Social Control: Is there a Domestic Violence Industrial Complex?

Humboldt State University
April 16, 2008

Identity & Pathology: Lessons from the Intersex Movement

California Network of Mental Health Clients conference
February 21, 2009

Colonialism, Militarism, and the Political Economy of Transracial Adoption

University of Chicago
May 9, 2007

Homosexuality, Gender Identity Disorder and the Politics of De-Pathologization

Alternatives conference
October 28, 2006

Note: This presentation begins with basic information about intersex, but changes the subject into the main topic, which is the pathologization of homosexuality and transsexuality. This is because I wanted to give at least a very basic overview of intersex so that the audience (mental health clients and advocates) would understand the work I do and how it raises similar issues to the mental health clients' movement.

Intersex & Public Policy: Legislative Strategies and Public Health Responsibilities

LGBTI Health Summit
August 28, 2004

More slides will be added if I find them...