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'Zines by Emi Koyama

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Against Japanese "Comfort Women" Denialism in the U.S.

Against CW Denialism "Against Japanese 'Comfort Women' Denialism in the U.S." was written in response to the recent rise of Japanese right-wing nationalist activities among some of the Japanese residents in Southern California (not Japanese Americans, but Japanese people from Japan), especially their campaign against resolutions, memorials, and other recognitions of Japanese "comfort women" during the WWII by U.S. cities. This zine analyzes the "talking points" of Japanese right-wing nationalists, and applies the same nuanced approach to the issue of "comfort women" that the author (a co-founder of Japan-U.S. Feminist Network for Decolonization) has advocated for in the contemporary anti-trafficking movement for many years, pointing out precisely what responsibilities Japanese government bears.
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State Violence, Sex Trade, and the Failure of Anti-Trafficking Policies

State Violence and Sex Trade Latest collection of essays and short articles on sex trade and anti-trafficking movement, with a special emphasis on the context of pervasive surveillance and criminalization of communities of color, immigrants, street youth, as well as people in the sex trade.
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Understanding the Complexities of Sex Trade/Work and Trafficking

Disloyal to Feminism This 2012 follow-up to "War on Terror & War on Trafficking" contains many of Emi's essays complicating and problematizing the mainstream discourse on sex trafficking, addressing such topics as "push and pull" analysis of youth in the sex trade, failure of "rescue" model, lessons from domestic violence movement, transgender youth, and many others.
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War on Terror & War on Trafficking: A Sex Worker Activist Confronts the Anti-Trafficking Movement"

War on Terror & War on Trafficking Published in May 2011, War on Terror & War on Trafficking is a product of Emi's extensive research into the mainstreaming and the militarization of the movement against domestic "sex trafficking" in the United States in which Emi argues that the movement that was once feminist has been taken over by Christian fundamentalists and the Prison- and Military-Industrial Complex. (Please also donate $$$ to help support research and activism!)
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Surviving the Witch-Hunt: Battle Notes from Portland's 82nd Avenue

Surviving the Witch-Hunt This zine chronicles the resistance against the massive anti-prostitution panic in east Portland neighbourhoods between 2007 and 2010 where women trying to survive working on 82nd Avenue were targeted by baseball bat-wielding, camera phone-snapping, vigilante "community foot patrol" and other angry neighbours worried about their property value.
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Adrie's Guide to Service Animals

Adrie's Guide to Service Animals "Adrie's Guide to Service Animals: Laws, Rights, and Maneuvers for People Living with Disabilities" is a handbook for people who are interested in living with an emotional support animal or going to places with a service animal. It is also for anyone who wants to understand what rights and responsibilities people have with regard to their service animals. The "Institutional Edition" includes a copy of the printer-ready PDF file and a license for an institution (group, agency, etc.) to make up to 100 copies of this guide to distribute.
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Whose Feminism Is It Anyway? and Other Essays

Whose Feminism Designed as an introductory "reader" on Emi Koyama, this new collection includes the two classic transfeminist articles (from "Transfeminism: A Collection," which this zine replaces) along with newer writings on such topics as the "new" fat-positive feminism, transracial and international adoption, and intersex.
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Disloyal to Feminism: Abuse of Survivors within the Domestic Violence Shelter System

Disloyal to Feminism "Disloyal to Feminism" is a paper about transforming the movement against domestic violence. Also included are the "power and control" wheel depicting the abuse of survivors by DV shelters, and several other documents.
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Interchange #6

Interchange #6 Two years after the issue #5, the sixth collection of Emi's online postings is back. Interchange #6 does NOT contain any mention of Michfest controversy, but instead it takes on trans activism, academia, moral panic, GenderPAC, and the anti-hate crime and anti-violence movements.
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Interchange #5

Interchange #5 "Interchange #5" is the fifth in the series of 'zines made up of Emi Koyama's postings to various email lists and message board. Emi takes on self-congratulating liberal academics, sex positivity, pimp-friendly "sex workers'" clinic, and of course transphobia within feminism (as always).
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Interchange #4

Interchange #4 "Interchange #4" is the fourth in the series of 'zines made up of Emi Koyama's postings to various email lists and message board. This time, Emi explores such touchy topics as activism vs. scholarship, male privilege and transwomen, lack of accountability in animal rights activism, gender identity disorder reform, international adoption, and cultural appropriation.
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