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What's Emi Up To?

  • is putting the Emi back in feminism since 1975. Oh wait, that's here!
  • Emi currently works for Intesex Initiative (ipdx), which she founded after leaving Intersex Society of North America. ipdx challenges medical abuse of children born with intersex conditions.
  • Confluere is a "speaker's bureau without a bureau" for third wave feminist activists and artists committed to multi-issue progressive social change.
  • Survivor Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing issues faced and survived by intersex and trans survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Emi joined Survivor Project in Summer 1999 as a student intern, and since then became one of its core members.
  • Transracial Abductees is a group of angry, ungrateful people of color who were adopted by whites and are now speaking out against the racist transracial adoption industry.

Emi's Friends

  • Leslie Bull is Emi's next-door neighbour, friend and co-conspirator for several projects. And the main supplier of baked chicken.
  • Thea Hillman is a wonderful poet and an intersex activist from Berkeley. She organized the first Intercourse: A Sex and Gender Spoken Word Recipe for Revolution in 2001.
  • The Yellow Peril Dot Com is a site by Lauren Martin, who moved from Portland to Brooklyn. Check out her essays and get her zines.
  • Nomy Lamm is a "badass fatass jew dyke amputee, performance artist, writer and activist." She co-wrote the rock opera The Transfused.
  • I thought it was cool when I accidentally ran into the web site for my friend's drag king persona, Mister Jay Walker. S/he volunteers for Intersex Initiative.
  • I got to know Madigan Shive of Bonfire Madigan through another friend, who apparently told her a lot about my activism; she was very familiar with my work even before we met.
  • I toured with Penny Arcade in the Sex Workers' Art Show National Tour and she inspired/influenced me a lot. She's a fabulous performance artist from New York.
  • Ausie intersex activist Shorona se Mbessakwini asked me to post this link to promote hir experimental film about identity and self-representation as an intersex person.
  • I love Ducky Doolittle, but then who doesn't? Her web site is packed with fun + good information about sexualities.
  • is a gathering place for the web savvy dyke - which pretty much describes Emi. This site is run by Stacy, a friend and a fellow Portland dyke.