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Frequently Asked Questions: Basic Information

Below is the list of frequently asked questions about Emi and

Who is this Emi chick?

Emi Koyama is a multi-issue social justice activist and writer synthesizing feminist, Asian, survivor, dyke, queer, sex worker, intersex, genderqueer, and crip politics, as these factors, while not a complete descriptor of who she is, all impacted her life. Emi is putting the emi back in feminism at Email Emi at

What is "Emi" short for?


What is Eminism?

Hmmm, not sure. But whatever it is, feminism is incomplete without an "emi" ("fnism"?). As a friend said once, "I knew something was missing from feminism all those years--but I finally realized that it was an Emi!" So there.

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that some people take this eminism thing way too seriously: apparently, some (not many, I would hope) feminists think that "eminism" is an linguistic plot to disintegrate and destroy feminism. I've also been asked what the difference is between feminism and eminism. Here's the answer in case you are one of those people who take everything seriously: feminism is an actual word; eminism is just a pun. Are you happy now?

What is is the world's premier eminist portal site on the web, where you can read Emi's articles, view the list of her presentations, order her original 'zines and buttons, etc. Sounds self-absorbed? Well, if you ever come across a third wave feminist who isn't self-absorbed, I'd like to meet her/him. Actually, was started to attract more speaking gigs, and it seems to be working. Besides, it's a safer investment than

What does Emi do?

Emi spends her time giving presentations, creating original buttons and 'zines, reading and sending e-mails, making web sites, among other things. Oh and she runs Intersex Initiative.

How does Emi make her buttons?

Emi used to order custom-made buttons from someone else, but has since obtained her own button making machine. She designs artwork using Adobe Illustrator, prints them out with the cheap Epson printer that cost Emi less than the price of the cartridges included, and punches them into buttons. You can order Emi's buttons online store, or at Emi's presentations.

What gender is Emi anyway?

Emi used to identify as this gender and that gender, and even the neither gender--but nowadays she's tired of it all. "Genderqueer" used to work just fine when it was a non-identity, but now that there are communities of genderqueer people who identify with the label "genderqueer" it no longer quite applies.

Today, Emi does not identify with any particular gender, but she does not so strongly identify with the state of having no gender to claim that as an identity either. Honestly, she thinks that having an identity--especially gender identity--is kind of weird: how she views herself depends on the human relationships and interactions that surround her, rather than arising from some intrinsic core sense of self.

Is that like some postmodern thing?

Actually, Emi thinks it's rather traditional from the perspective of her Japanese background: there is no native Japanese word for "identity," and gendered pronouns (he, she, etc.) did not exist in Japanese language until they were invented in order to translate Western documents.