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Lame is Definitely Gay

an email to Alison Bechdel

From DTWOF #368

Forum: Private Email
Date: 08/12/2001

The following is an exchange between Emi and Alison Bechdel, the cartoonist behind the popular Dykes To Watch Out For comic strip. The email is about its episode #368, from which this cut has been taken. It shows Carlos explaining to the kids why it's not okay to use the word "gay" as a derogative.

From: Emi Koyama
To: Alison Bechdel

aaaagh! tell carlos that something that is *lame* can definitely be *gay*! (#368)

"lame," like "gay," can refer to *people* as well, even though both are used derogatively...


anyway, i always enjoy your work - thanks :-)

emi (lame queer chik)
activist-in-residence, intersex society of north america (
-- * Putting the Emi back in Feminism since 1975.

From: Alison Bechdel
To: Emi Koyama

hey, Emi!
Thanks very much for pointing this out!
yr. Pal,
Alison Bechdel