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Interchange is an archive for online commentaries Emi posts to various message boards and mailing lists.

If your comment is quoted in one of my posts and do not like it, please read my statement about fair use and solutions I offer.

02/13/13 Trans-Academics Enabling Puberty Consistent with Age as well as Gender Identity (double standard in delaying puberty for transgender youth)
01/23/13 WMST-L Gender-Neutral Language for Menstruation? (critic is right to be concerned, but for the wrong reason)
12/06/12 Ryuhei Kawada: Liberal, Libertarian, or Right-Wing? (Your Party and Japan's urban populist reform movements)
10/30/12 Trans-Academics Bem Sex Role Inventory and "Gender Tests" (dissimilar intent and validity)
08/26/12 /r/AskFeminists "Patriarchy," Historical and Present (second wave feminists resurrected the term for a reason)
08/22/12 CFI Portland Listserv Understanding What "Illegitimate" Rapes Are (competing conception of "rape" is at the core of the gaff)
08/19/12 /r/AskFeminists The Politics of "Radical" (radical feminism, radical women of color, and trans women)
08/08/12 /r/AskFeminists Margins and Marginalization (problems with feminist "priorities")
08/07/12 /r/AskFeminists How to Stop Statistical Discrimination (employer discrimination and women's life choices reinforce each other)
08/05/12 WMST-L Impossibility of Finding "Reliable Source" on Sex Trafficking (focus on research methodology, not authoritativeness of the source)
07/09/12 /r/AskFeminists Sexism as a Social System (circularity is the key to understanding social oppressions)
07/06/12 /r/AskFeminists In Defense of "Bottom-Up" Feminism (imagining a feminism without the "ultimate goal")
07/05/12 /r/AskFeminists On Taking on the Label "Feminist" (it's not about definitions, but about respect)
06/14/12 /r/feminisms & /r/Feminism The Politics of "Women's Sports" (it is not about biological sex differences)
06/13/12 WMST-L Book and Film on Sex Trafficking Reproduce Trafficker-Victim Dynamic (raw voices sound raw because they were stolen voices)
06/14/12 Conditional Acceptance is Worse Than Total Rejection (on treating trans women as non-women women)
06/13/12 Facebook Trans "Allies" Must Do A Better Job (dealing with dishonest opponent requires greater argumentation, not weaker)
06/12/12 /r/AskFeminists Feminism vs. Egalitarianism (real movement is not a subset of abstract philosophy or value)
06/06/12 WMST-L Not Just Another Inquiry for Scholarly Resources (women's studies community needs to challenge colonialist "research" projects)
05/22/12 WMST-L "Safety" as a Cover for Academic Entitlement? (in defense of fair use in academic listservs)
05/14/12 Portland Feminist Meetup (facebook) Ideological Purity and Siege Mentality Among Radical Feminists (automatic suspicion of those deemed "outsiders" is counter-productive)
03/01/12 Radical Sex-Positive Feminists (facebook) Against the Neoliberal (Homo)normativity of Sex Positivity Discourse (expaining my objection to sex positive movement)
02/21/12 Portland Feminist Meetup (facebook) Paradoxical Neoliberalism of Radical Feminism and the Radical Feminism of Trans Liberation (demand to examine constructedness of cisphillic desire is actually a radical feminist proposition)
05/17/11 WMST-L Rhetorical Politics of Anti-Prostitution Feminism (we must start from the assumption of complicated and diverse experiences)
04/30/11 QSTUDY-L Questions and Answers about Intersex/DSD (difficulty goes beyond simply finding the right terminology)
04/19/11 QSTUDY-L Bystander Effect of Biphobia and Transphobia within "Gay Liberation" (professing to be "uncomfortable" is not enough)
12/03/10 Trans-Academics "Unfair Advantage" is Unfairly Singled Out (don't let them get away with enforcing cissexism while appearing trans-friendly)
11/03/10 Trans-Academics Internship is for Learning (student interns as unpaid workers is not a model we should emulate)
02/02/10 QSTUDY-L Imperialism is not a Lifestyle Choice (there is no way to individually "opt out" of imperialist project)
01/27/10 WMST-L Where is the Discussion of Positive Sexuality? (anti-porn conference lacks discussion of alternatives to the porn culture)