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Speaker's Bureau

  • Emi is available to speak at your organization, school, or classroom! Check out her profile, and contact her to inquire. Thanks!

Emi's Presentations

Below is the almost complete list of past and future workshops, lectures, etc. that Emi has presented or will present. She is always seeking additional speaking engagements - please feel free to inquire by email.

02/24/24 University of Chicago Harm Reduction invited speaker
02/24/24 NUCHR Annual Conference, Northwestern University What Survivors Want (and Won't Get from the Criminal Legal System) workshop
02/23/24 Abolition Democracy and Sex Work Decriminalization keynote
02/22/24 University of Chicago Sex Worker Movements invited speaker
11/05/23 Mirror Memoirs Abolition Book Club Liberatory Harm Reduction and "Saving Our Own Lives" by Shira Hassan invited speaker
04/27/23 Third Wave Fund Sex Worker Giving Circle Movement Strategy Session facilitation
04/15/23 Montrose Center / University of Houston No Saviors, No Prisons: Sex Workers Speak! panel
04/14/23 University of Washington Communities of Care for Disability in the Academy and Beyond Geography Colloquium panel w/ Audra Mitchell & William Carter
04/01/23 Transgender Day of Vengeance (CANCELED), Washington DC Taking Vengeance Seriously invited speech
03/30/23 Dickinson College, Carlisle PA Revisiting the Transfeminist Manifesto lecture
03/16/23 Hing Hay Park, Seattle Massage Parlor Outreach Project vigil for Atlanta shooting victims invited speech
02/20/23 National Survivor Network Radical Nonjudgement in Survivor Advocacy: Harm Reduction in Practice panel with Rose Kalemba, Sinnamon Love, and Chibundo Egwuatu
02/14/23 White House Gender Policy Council Consultation through Freedom Network  
12/14/22 Multnomah Central Library "WE ARE AILEEN'S" Screening honoring International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
12/17/22 Aileen's
12/13/22 Bluestockings Books, New York Saving Our Own Lives: A Liberatory Practice of Harm Reduction panel with Shira Hassan, Kiara St. James, and Viva Ruiz
10/12/22 Legal Aid Services for Human Trafficking Survivors Supporting People in the Sex Trade OVCTTAC Training
10/28/21 University of Texas, Austin TX Intersex Justice and Disability Justice panel w/ Sean Saifa Wall
10/19/21 Montana State University The Transfeminist Manifesto Revisited lecture
09/24/21 City of Seattle Public Safety and Human Services Committee Centering Impacted Voices: Community Task Force Report on the Criminal Legal System report to the Council
05/26/21 University of Washington, Bothell Strategies for supporting Immigrant and survival sex workers Part of Labor in the 21st Century colloquia, w/ Kari Lerum
03/28/21 KAOS GL International Feminist Forum, Istanbul The Transfeminist Manifesto Revisited lecture
03/22/21 Massage Parlor Outreach Project Seattle Vigil for Atlanta Massage Workers  
03/18/21 Red Canary Song Vigil for 8 lives lost in Atlanta shooting representing Massage Parlor Outreach Project
03/04/21 Third Wave Fund Sex Worker Giving Circle Creating Community Is a Threat to Power: Three Years of Resourcing Revolution and Liberation at the Sex Worker Giving Circle panel, representing Coalition for Rights & Safety for People in the Sex Trade
02/24/21 University of Washington Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies Massage Parlor Outreach Project Teach-In with Massage Parlor Outreach Project
11/18/20 University of Washington, Bothell Sex Work Policy Activism: Centering Trans & BIPOC Leadership panel with Tobi Hill-Meyer
11/13/20 Seattle Goodwill Supporting Sex Workers & People in the Sex Trade in-service training with Aileen's
Harm Reduction Basics
05/23/20 University of Washington, Bothell Strategies for supporting Immigrant and survival sex workers part of Labor in the 21st Century series