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Legitimate Opposition, Illogical Rhetoric

left's fear-mongering campaign against WTO

Forum: tgpoc list
Date: 08/30/2001

At 12:07 AM -0700 8/30/01, Marina Brown wrote:

Hi All: > Please take the time to read the following article. If this is approved it would grant the WTO the power to veto the actions of ANY government that is subject to the WTO. > Danger ! Danger

while i sympathize with those who caution against global laisser faire, i'm annoyed with the illogical fear-mongering often employed by the leftist activists. international treaties of any kind by definition limit sovereignty of their signatories, often for the benefit of all involved. if you seriously believe in absolute national sovereignty and oppose international treaties and conventions, which is what right wing does, both at the state- rights level and international level, you should also oppose all human rights treaties, arms reduction treaties, environmental treaties, and so on.

if you support some treaties but oppose WTO, then you need to make the argument why WTO is a bad treaty, rather than making the argument that would apply to any international treaties (i.e. "it's a threat to the national soveriegnty").


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