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Supporting Prostitutes

practical strategies for feminists

Date: 11/08/2001

<<Being that I am also pro-unionization of sex workers and pro-choice, and yet have concerns that conflict with these ideas, it's certainly not easy.>>

unionization does not work in most cases, because there are very few large-scale employers with whom workers can collectively negotiate. it simply is not an option for majority of workers who are self-employed or work for small businesses/brothels/pimps/etc. there are many ways of supporting prostitutes other than pushing for something impossible:

1) decriminalize prostitution
2) end police harassment
3) end neighborhood harassment
4) end discrimination in housing and public accommodation
5) end discrimination in employment for those who quit or are quitting prostitution
6) fight poverty, racism, sexism, global capitalism, etc. rather than prostitution
7) demand universal health care, affordable housing, better public education, job security, etc.
8) stop prison industrial complex

these *are* the issues that feminists can be working on, rather than debating forever if prostitutes have choices or if they are objectified.

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