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"Generational Gap" is Asymmetrical

supposedly understanding attitude renders younger voices palatable

Forum: ButchDykeBoy Productions
Date: 11/29/2001

TommyTesto wrote:

I strongly recommend James Green's current column, found on Planet Out's Transland. I would be interested in hearing what people think about it.

Jamison Green: Visible Man
The trans community is suffering from an unfortunate generational divide.

i don't dispute that "we should all respect each other's differences," but it becomes a problem if we only address differences in *opinions* or *experiences* and neglect differences in *power*. there is a definite power imbalance between younger people and people who are middle-aged in this society.

i'm also weary of the seemingly "understanding" attitude that young people rebel as part of their growth process. such psychoanalytic explanation trivializes the validity of young people's views, and neutralizes/detoxifies their criticisms, rendering them palatable.

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