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Intent and Action

we need to hold "allies" accountable to their actions

Forum: ButchDykeBoy Productions
Date: 12/16/2001

skirts wrote:

feminists can be closed minded, but i'm not so sure kathleen hannah and the folks of le tigre are. though some of their fans may suck, i encourage anyone who thinks they are anti-trans to take a look at "hot topic", where leslie feinberg is listed among other influential activists, and take a good look at the band themselves . . .

my guess is that kathleen probably thinks that she is pro-trans, like she probably thought she was being anti-racist to play "bang! bang!" at lives in which almost all-white audience shout with her counting up to 41, the number of bullets nypd shot into the body of amadou diallo. there was little consideration given to how threatened or intimidated people of color might feel to be in the middle of bunch of white people yelling each number as they count up to 41. (see my friend lauren martin's essay "the countdown" at )

in other words, thinking that you are pro-trans or anti-racist (or even making symbolic gestures to prove it) does not guarantee that your actions aren't transphobic or racist, and we need to hold people accountable to their actions.