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Ranking Transpeople

surgical and hormonal status are irrelevant

Forum: Camp Trans ML
Date: 07/23/2002

Danielle wrote:
as long as they have the chemical or physical castration to get them to a females level hormonally speaking then that is enough for me and for most womyn to accept.

Others people's hormone levels are none of your business.

However, if they rant and rave and are too agressive then MALE pops out and oh well... somebody has too much testosterone..

Your association of aggression with maleness and with testosterone is essentialist and ultimately offensive to women because (1) it presumes biological causes for (certain) men's aggression, allowing them to deflect responsibilities for their actions, and (2) it further invisibilizes women's use of (sometimes covert) aggression, minimizing women's agency in surviving and resisting generally oppressive systems and concealing our need to explicitly address positive and negative uses of power. For more discussion on the latter point, see "Secret Lives of Girls" by Sharon Lamb, "Women's Inhumanity to Women" by Phyllis Chesler, and a growing number of other contemporary feminist work on the topic.

Too many need to grow first as i needed to grow.

They do not require non-transsexual women to be "grown up" mentally before attending the festival, and thus what you are suggesting is the creation of a double standard. People need to grow, yes, but as long as that is not the condition for any others to enter the festival, it does not need to be a condition for transwomen.

I think if you worked on a BY INVITATION ONLY POLICY you might do very very well in getting fest to listen.

There are more important things to do than "getting fest to listen," one of which is that we do not step over our friends and allies just to appease the opposition. Besides, has your campaign been any more successful than that of Camp Trans'?

gnat wrote: seperating women into post op and pre-op is classist

And is transphobic.
And is phallocentric.
And is MTF-centric.
And is ableist.
And perpetuates the cultural necessity for intersex genital mutilation.
And is just plain dumb.

Emi K.

----- * Putting the Emi back in Feminism since 1975.