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Master's Tool, Once Again

Asian pride without the backlash

Forum: APIQWTC list
Date: 01/15/2003

Note: In January 2003, Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal, an African American, made comments mocking Asian people and culture, in order to attack his Chinese rival Yao Ming. The post below comes from the discussion in API Queer Women and Transgender Coalition mailing list on the topic.

On 01/14/2003 10:34 pm, "Pdelrey9" wrote:

2. Muhammed Ali screamed to the world that he was the greatest, taunting and bullying his opponent (no one complained because it was a psychological strategy as well) ended up a helpless person;

"Ended up a helpless person"? That's the most offensive and ableist way one could call someone with the Parkinson's Disease.

By the way, a respectable author made a study of Chinese students who found out that their IQs were high and another group that was below average. In job, I interviewed several Chinese applicants who impressed me with their high education, gracefulness and honeslty. They were scientists. researchers, ballet dancer and progessors. Hey, the Chinese do not have to prove anything to anyone, the world has seen it all. So Shock ill O'Nail...can you blame us, Asians if we were born beautiful and smart!

I would hope that having Asian pride would not depend on scoring higher than other racial groups on IQ tests or otherwise being superior to other races...

Emi K.

-- * Putting the Emi back in Feminism since 1975.