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Prolonged Sentencing Does Not Reduce Hate

prison is not the solution to hate crimes

Date: 02/21/2007

[This discussion is about a federal hate crimes legislation, prompted by a legislative "alert" from American Family Association urging its members to oppose the bill in order to stop so-called homosexual agenda.]

On Feb 21, 2007, at 11:22 AM, [deleted at the author's request] wrote:

Sometimes when I read these AFA alerts I think for a moment that it's parody, because these people are just so unbelievable in their tactics. Unfortunately it's not. Please get in touch with your Reps in support of HR 254, because this is what we're up against.

Simply because AFA opposes a bill is not a good reason to support it. HR 254 includes provisions that would "enhance" sentencing, which means longer sentences for those convicted of hate crimes. Personally I don't believe that feeding more people into the prison industrial complex longer is the way to fight hate crimes. People almost never become less hateful as the result of being in prison for years.

- ek