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The Politics of "Women's Sports"

it is not about biological sex differences

Forum: Reddit (/r/feminisms)
Date: 06/12/2012

It is interesting what gets singled out as "unfair advantage." None of the top athlete at the Olympic level has typical bodies of any sex, and that is not considered an unfair advantage. People born in developed nations and to wealthy families have advantages in nutrition, healthcare, environment, resources, and opportunities on their side, but it is not considered an unfair advantage. Why then are we selectively concerned about trans and intersex bodies as having an unfair advantage?

Forum: Reddit (/r/Feminism)
Date: 08/05/2012

R/Feminists, why are sports gender segregated? Wouldn't the feminist stance be to have males and females compete amongst each other?

Consider: Why does Gay Games exist? Surely, it's not because gay male and female athletes cannot compete physically against their straight counterparts. Gay Games does not exist because of any biological differences between gay and straight athletes, but because of pervasive homophobia (and biphobia and transphobia) in our society and in sports. Women's sports exists for a similar reason: pervasive sexism in our society and in sports.