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Speaker's Bureau

  • Emi is available to speak at your organization, school, or classroom! Check out her profile, and contact her to inquire. Thanks!

Emi's Presentations 2005-2009

Below is the almost complete list of Emi's presentations in 2005-2009. She is always seeking additional speaking engagements - please feel free to inquire by email.

12/09/09 Portland City Council City's response to prostitution on 82nd Avenue public testimony with Sex Worker Outreach Coalition
05/12/09 Nativity Luteran Church, Bend OR Intersex workshop for PFLAG Central Oregon
Central Oregon Community College Intersex lecture
05/02/09 Beyond Patriarchy conference, Eugene OR Alternatives to Domestic Violence Shelters workshop
Let's Talk About Economy/Economics discussion
03/28/09 Association for Asian Studies, Chicago Xenophobia and Misogyny in the Internet-based Political Mobilisation in Japan: Two Recent Examples paper in panel "Gender-free backlash on the internet and beyond: national politics and feminism in the 21st century Japan"
03/21/09 National MEChA Conference 2009, University of Oregon Transgender Inclusion, or Demilitarizing the Borderlands of the Binary Gender System workshop
03/12/09 Lewis & Clark College Gender Studies Symposium, Portland OR Activist Responses to Police Violence Against Women and Transgendered Individuals panel with Kat Enyeart, Sara Libby and Geoff MacNamara
02/21/09 California Network of Mental Health Clients annual forum, Foster City CA Identity and Pathology: A Lesson from Intersex Movement plenary
02/20/09 Building Resilient Personal Relationships: A Holistic Partner Violence Prevention Strategy workshop in progress
11/21/08 Kansai Queer Film Festival at University of Kyoto BOTH: Intersexuality & Bisexuality lecture and discussion after films over internet
11/05/08 West Chester University, West Chester PA Future of Women's Studies panel
10/31/08 Feminisms Conference 2008, Portland State University Prostitutes Are Our Neighbours Too: The Troubling Neighbourhood Politics on the 82nd Avenue workshop
09/23/08 Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, Alyeska Resort Power & Control within the Shelter workshop in two-parts
09/19/08 DASH (Direct Action to Stop Heterosexism), Cornell University Intersex at the Intersection of Queer and Disability Theories lecture
06/20/08 Tribute Panel, Nationl Women's Studies Association annual meeting, Cincinnati Tribute to Audre Lorde and the Black Feminist Thought
panel with Kaila Adia Story and Melinda L. de Jesus
05/09/08 Beyond Patriarchy conference, Eugene OR Questions & Answers on Intersex workshop
04/30/08 In Other Words, Portland OR Panel on violence against sex workers and sex workers' rights Sexual assault awareness month
04/16/08 Take Back the Night, Humboldt State University Shelter as a Tool of Social Control: Is there a Domestic Violence Industrial Complex? keynote
03/15/08 Oregon Queer Youth Conference Intersex Workshop with Austan
03/04/08 International Women's Week, Evergreen State College My Activist History talk
11/10/07 Regional Collegiate Pride Conference, University of Florida Multi-issue Organizing keynote
08/20/07 In Other Words Revolution Will Not Be Funded an INCITE! book reading and benefit for Sisters in Action for Power with Alisa Bierria & Amara Pérez
08/15/07 KBOO Community Radio Revolution Will Not Be Funded radio interview
08/03/07 CSTI 2007, Portland Revolution Will Not Be Funded an INCITE! panel with Alisa Bierria, Amara Pérez & Theryn Kigvamasud'Vashti
06/30/07 National Women's Studies Association Feminism & Backlash in Japan panel with Tomomi Yamaguchi & Masami Saitoh
06/20/07 For a Lack of a Better Word, San Francisco LGBT Center spoken-word book release party for Thea Hillman
06/01/07 SisterSong - Let's Talk About Sex!, Chicago Controlling Communities through Controlling Bodies panel with Sujatha Jesudason, Leila Hessini, Silvia Henriquez & Cara Page
Intersex workshop
05/17/07 GenderYOUTH Leadership Summit Washington DC "Feminism and Queer Theory" panel - DISINVITED
Center for Gender Studies Brownbag Discussion, University of Chicago Intersex at the Intersection of Queerness & Disability Theories public lecture
Post-war Social Movements in Japan, University of Chicago The Controversy over "Comfort Women" and the Japanese American Experiences in-class lecture (email to get in)
Popular Culture In/Out of Japan, University of Chicago Intersex in Japanese Comics: An Analysis in-class lecture (email to get in)
University of Chicago Pick Lounge, Pick Hall Colonialism, Militarism, and the Political Economy of Transracial Adoption public lecture
Against Patriarchy 2007, Eugene OR Working-class Sex Worker Feminism workshop
University of Montana Intersex in-class talk (Human Genetics)
Intersex in-class talk (Social Work)
04/11/07 Colonialism, Militarism, and the Political Economy of Transracial Adoption public lecture
RIOT Fest, Flagstaff AZ TBA Talk
Brown University, Smith-Buonanno Room #106 Legitimacy, Stigmatization, and the Future of the Intersex Identity LGBT Pride Month lecture
Southern Regional Unity Conference, University of North Carolina Intersex and the Medical Erasure of Queer Bodies plenary
Sex Work as Neither Victimization or Liberation: Working-class Sex Worker Feminism workshop
03/19/07 University of Missouri Neoliberalism and the Future of Liberation Movements Women's History Month lecture
Evergreen State College, Olympia WA Emi Answers It All workshop
Queer & Feminist Activism lecture
02/06/07 Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center Portland OR An Intersex Workshop in-service
11/17/06 University of Washington, Seattle Color of Violence Anthology Seattle Book Launch panel with Theryn & Onion (Community Against Rape & Abuse), Andrea Ritchie & Nada Elia (INCITE! National)
11/13/06 Deconstructing Disabilities, Portland State University Intersex discussion
11/04/06 National Asian American Student Conference, Chicago IL Social Justice and Neoliberalism keynote
10/28/06 Alternatives 2006, Portland Pathologize This: Homosexuality, Gender Identity Disorder and the Politics of De-Pathologization Keynote
10/19/06 Deviant Bodies 2.0, Buffalo NY DSD Controversy, Chapter Two lecture
05/31/06 "Art & Social Change" class, Portland State University Uses of Art in the Intersex Activism guest lecture
05/18/06 University of California, Los Angeles Take Back the Night talk short talk
04/22/06 Northwest PFLAG Conference Intersex: An Introduction an Intersex Initiative workshop
04/10/06 Genderblenz @ Trans/Identity Resource Center, Portland Intersex Short Films  
03/09/06 Gender Studies Symposium, Lewis & Clark College Feminism & Disability panel
02/25/06 Translating Identity Conference, University of Vermont From DSD to Intersex: Toward a Queer Disability Politics of Gender keynote
11/11/05 NGLTF Creating Change 2005, Oakland CA Intersex Inclusion Beyond Fashion Statement an Intersex Initiative workshop
09/11/05 Queer People of Color Gathering, Seattle WA Oraganizers' Panel with Chrystos, Darryl Moch, Kathie Townsend, Norma Timbang
07/27/05 New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence statewide meeting Feminism, Power, Accountability workshop
07/10/05 Queer Revolution discussion at The Know, Portland Sex Workers' Movement panel and open discussion
07/06/05 Women & Disability class, Portland State University Intersex at the Intersection of Queerness & Disability Theories guest lecture
06/29/05 LGBTQA Resource Center, University of Oregon Intersex in LGBT Beyond Fashion Statement lecture
06/26/05 Born In Flames conference, Portland OR What's so Special About Sexual Assault? discussion
06/24/05 The Rhetorical Politics of Safety discussion
04/11/05 Michigan State University Intersex Movement in the Second Decade lecture
Keeping the Hope: Doing Activism in the Repressive Era panel with Qwo-Li Driskill
03/17/05 Oberlin College, Oberlin OH Intersex lecture
03/16/05 Racial and Colonialist Politics of Queer Adoption Discourse lecture
02/24/05 Intersex Legal Symposium Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, NYC Taking Risks: How My Involvement in the Intersex Movement Changed My Views panel
02/20/05 Western Regional Western Regional LGBTQIA College Conference, Davis CA On Being An Acivist In These Times: Toward A Public Sphere of Imagination keynote