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Emi's Presentations 2000-2004

Below is the almost complete list of workshops, lectures, etc. that Emi presented in 2000-2004. She is always seeking additional speaking engagements - please feel free to inquire by email.

11/12/04 NGLTF Creating Change conference, St. Louis Beyond Surgery: The Future of Intersex Movement w/ Tara Medve, J Sevelius
Intersex Activism Caucus year in review
11/13/04 Adding the "I": Does Intersex Belong in "LGBT"? w/ Tara Medve, J Sevelius
10/28/04 Portland State University Intersex Film Night See Intersex Initiative Event Calendar for details.
10/11/04 American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting, San Francisco Intersex Educational Outreach action by Intersex Initiative
09/02/04 National Meeting on Domestic Violence in Queer Asian Women's and Trans Communities Intersex: What Anti-Violence Activists Need To Know presentation
08/27/04 LGBTI Health Summit, Cambridge MA Beyond Surgery: The Future of the Intersex Health Movement w/ Betsy Driver
08/28/04 Intersex & Public Policy: Legislative Strategies and Public Health Responsibilities w/ Erin Lloyd
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Olympia Tumbling Down the Empire Within Tour with Makoto Hibino Panel presentations on various topics
04/21/04 University of Colorado, Boulder Queerness and the Politics of Normal: A View from Critical Disability Studies Keynote
04/21/04 Boulder County Public Health Question & Answer Session on Intersex internal discussion
04/18/04 Basic Rights Oregon Trans Advocacy Group Questions & Answers Session on Intersex internal discussion
04/15/04 Portland State University GenderCONNECTIONS event hosted by GenderPAC Panel
04/12/04 Serving Our Youth: GLBTI and Q Intersex guest speaker in a professional development training
03/27/04 Portland, OR Intersex Initiative Speaker & Activist Training  
03/12/04 Lewis & Clark College Gender Symposium Intersex: Learning from Lived Experiences workshop
02/04/04 Portland Community College Intersex guest lecture in "Gender & Society"
02/03/04 Portland State University Intersex guest lecture in "Intro to Queer Studies"
12/06/03 Shameless: An Evening of Performances Reflecting Intersex Experiences spoken-word event benefit for ISNA
11/20/03 Beloit College, Beloit WI Reflections on Transfeminism and Trans-Feminist Discourse discussion
Intersex in the Queer Community lecture
Intersex and Medical System through the lens of Disability Theory lecture for class
11/09/03 Creating Change 2003, Miami FL "Medical Regulation of Queer Bodies" discussion sponsored by Intersex Initiative
11/08/03 "Disability in the LGBT Movement: Beyond Accessibility" panel
11/01/03 Vanderbilt University Conference on Gender & Activism Domestic Violence Shelter System and the Problem of Self-Righteous Activism talk
07/30/03 The Know, Portland OR Benefit for Camp Trans performance
Portland State University Intersexuality: An Interdisciplinary Exploration Women's Studies course taught by Emi
06/28/03 Seattle Dyke March Keynote Address  
05/29/03 University of Oregon Pride Week Intersex ipdx workshop
05/17/03 Olympia Sex Conference Introduction to Intersex ipdx workshop
05/12/03 Oregon State University Queer Pride Week Intersex film and workshop
05/03/03 Hollywood Theatre FatGirl Speaks! A Celebration of Size, Self and Sexuality performance
04/24/03 Reed College, Portland OR Intersex film & discussion by ipdx
04/22/03 Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Intersex lecture
04/17/03 Western Washington University Take Back the Night 2003 keynote at the rally
03/22/03 Intersex Initiative Portland Speaker's Bureau Training volunteer development
03/18/03 Antioch College "Queer Takeover" How can I talk about my genitals when we are about to blow up another country? performance
02/23/03 Sex Workers' Conference, Olympia Class & the Sex Industry panel w/ Leslie Bull & Annie Oakley
02/22/03 Capitol Theatre, Olympia Sex Workers' Art Show monologues
02/16/03 Midwest BLGTA College Conference, Ohio State University Preventing Relationship Abuse within Queer Communities workshop
02/15/03 Intersex in the LGBT Movement: Redefining the Terms of Alliance workshop
02/12/03 Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood WA Intersexuality as a Lived Experience: It's Not About Gender part of "brown bag lecture series"
02/11/03 Back to Back Cafe, Portland Monthly Sex & Gender Open Mic IX Co-hosted by Emi + Leslie
02/05/03 Portland Community College Intersex Basics class presentation for Human Sexualities and Sociology
01/26/03 Against Patriarchy conference, Eugene OR Intersex Movement 1993-2003: The Second Decade workshop
01/14/03 Back to Back Cafe, Portland Monthly Sex & Gender Open Mic VIII Co-hosted by Emi + Leslie
01/02/03 Seattle Spit at Wildrose reading feature w/ Leslie Bull
12/10/02 Back to Back Cafe, Portland Monthly Sex & Gender Open Mic VII Co-hosted by Emi + Leslie
11/18/02 Sisters of the Road Cafe Portland OR Transgender People, Poverty, Homelessness in-service training with Delphine Brody
11/12/02 Back to Back Cafe, Portland Monthly Sex & Gender Open Mic VI Guest host & feature poet Lamya Amir el-Chidiac
Nationwide Sex Workers' Art Show National Tour w/ Scarlot Harlot, Michelle Tea, Penny Arcade, Carol Queen, et al.
11/08/02 Creating Change 2002, Portland OR Gender, Disability & Medical Abuse workshop w/ Lamya "Amir" el-Chidiac & Delphine Brody
10/14/02 Coming Out Week, Grinnell College, Grinnell IA Intersex keynote
10/10/02 In Other Words bookstore, Portland OR The State of Intersex Movement 2002: Visions for the Second Decade; film "Total Patient Care" film screening and discussion w/ Solidad diCosta
10/09/02 Portland State University
10/08/02 Back to Back Cafe, Portland Monthly Sex & Gender Open Mic V Co-hosted by Emi + Leslie; Featuring Solidad diCosta
10/04/02 SF LGBT Community Center Rated XXXY: An Evening of Erotica and Education spoken-word w/ Thea Hillman et al.
09/21/02 Genderblast IV, SF LGBT Community Center What's Happening in the Intersex Movement? plenary panel
Intersex: An Introduction workshop
09/10/02 Back to Back Cafe, Portland Monthly Sex & Gender Open Mic IV MC by Emi
08/22/02 LGBTI Health Summit, Boulder CO Integrating Intersex Health Into the LGBT Health Movement plenary panel w/ Cheryl Chase & Vernon Rosario
Intersex and Queer Theory panel w/ Vernon Rosario
08/13/02 Back to Back Cafe, Portland Monthly Sex & Gender Open Mic III Co-hosted by Emi + Leslie
08/06/02 National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Kissimmee FL Implementing Survivor-Centered Mechanisms to Hold Service Providers Accountable workshop w/ Delphine Brody
07/20/02 American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists Intersexuality: A Premier training
07/09/02 Back to Back Cafe, Portland Monthly Sex & Gender Open Mic II Co-hosted by Emi + Leslie
06/15/02 National Women's Studies Association, Las Vegas Moving Beyond the Theoretical Impasse: Working-Class, "Pro-Sex" Activist Prostitutes on Poverty, Homelessness, and Violence paper
06/14/02 Teaching "Intersex Studies": An Interdisciplinary Course Outline workshop
Third Wave Feminisms and Bi/Trans Interest Area Groups joint meeting
06/11/02 Back to Back Cafe, Portland Monthly Sex & Gender Open Mic I Co-hosted by Emi + Leslie
06/03/02 Disability & Queerness conference, San Francisco Is Intersex a Disability? Intersex People Resisting Concealment and Normalization panel w/ Cheryl Chase, Diana Courvant
06/02/02 On Being a Professional Hermaphrodite and Failing It opening plenary
05/26/02 Bread & Roses, KBOO Community Radio Portland Domestic Violence in Queer Communities / Violence within Shelter Systems talk show
05/25/02 Hollywood Theatre, Portland OR Intercourse: A Sex and Gender Spoken Word Recipe for Revolution 2002 Northwest event produced by Emi
[press release]
05/03/02 Evergreen State College, Olympia WA The Whore Revolution: Articulating the Working-Class Sex Worker Feminisms workshop & poetry w/ Leslie Bull
04/22/02 Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus Intro to Intersex panel w/ Sunsong & Collin
04/19/02 Poets Against Rape, San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR) "Ordinary" spoken-word
04/17/02 Sexualities course, Portland State University Intersex: A Premier guest lecture
03/28/02 Reed College, Portland OR Instigations from the Whore Revolution lecture
03/26/02 University of Connecticut, Hartford CT Whose Feminism is it Anyway? The Politics of Safe Space and the Trans Inclusion/Exclusion lecture
03/23/02 Children from the Shadows conference, Hartford CT Informed Consent and the Intersex Youth: Who Owns Our Bodies? workshop
03/22/02 Violence in Our Lives: From Interpersonal to Institutional workshop
03/16/02 Color of Violence 2002, Chicago Building a Harm Reduction based Advocacy Movement for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence Workshop and discussion
03/14/02 Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network, LGBT Battering Issues Committee Intersex and Trans People Surviving Violence in-service & discussion
03/06/02 Women's Sexuality Series, Portland State University Intersexuality workshop
03/01/02 New York University Women's Herstory Month Shelters as a Tool of Social Control: Is there a Domestic Violence Industrial Complex? opening keynote
02/28/02 Columbia University Center for LGBT Health Emergence of the Intersex Medical Reform Movement: Where We Are Now? seminar
02/25/02 Portland State University Intersex Studies: An Unofficial Open House preview for the course scheduled for spring 2002 term
02/20/02 Wilson College, Chambersburg PA Introduction to Intersex: The Politics of Sex Assignment lecture
Introduction to Intersex Issues guest lecture in class
02/19/02 Dickinson College, Carlisle PA Finding the Common Ground in the Intersex Debate: A Plea for Honesty debate with Dr. Peter Lee
02/17/02 True Spirit 2002, Washington DC The Role of Transphobia and Ableism in the Intersex/Trans Conflict workshop
Coalition Politics and the Intersex Movement keynote
02/16/02 Beyond Visibility: Queer People of Color Shattering the Single-Issue Politics, New Haven CT Whose Feminism is it Anyway? The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion/Exclusion Discourse workshop
02/15/02 "So, how was your experience of growing up intersexed?" opening plenary
02/10/02 Food Co-op, Olympia WA Sex Work Activist Panel in-service panel for Danzine
02/03/02 Bread & Roses, KBOO Community Radio, Portland Intersex radio interview
01/26/02 Against Patriarchy conference, Eugene OR Gender Politics of the Intersex Movement workshop
01/24/02 HIV Alliance, Eugene OR Making Services Accessible to Sex Workers in-service
01/19/02 Sex Workers' Art Show, Olympia WA Prostitution and Therapy spoken word
01/04/02 Pacific University, "Human Sexualities" course, Forest Grove OR Introduction to Intersex guest lecture
12/08/01 National Meeting on Domestic Violence in Queer API Women's Communities, San Francisco Abuse by Domestic Violence Shelters: Holding Ourselves Accountable / Introduction to Intersex Issues Held by Asian Women's Shelter and Family Violence Prevention Fund
12/05/01 Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO Conflicts and Alliance between Intersex and LGBT movements keynote
Instigations from the Whore Revolution: A Third Wave Feminist Response to the Sex Work Controversy lecture
11/13/01 Deconstructing Disabilities, Portland State University Is Intersex a Disability? Intersex Movement as the Resistance Against Normalization spiel
10/20/01 Transcending Boundaries, New Haven CT (press release) Intersex Activism: Suggestions for Ally-Building workshop
10/20/01 Interrogating the Politics of Commonality: A Possibility for Bi/Trans Intersex Alliance keynote [text]
10/11/01 Washington State University GLBT History Month Intersexions: Mapping Intersex Activism within Progressive Social Change Movements lecture
08/23/01 In Other Words, Portland OR Intersex Activism: A Report from the Frontline Presentation featuring a short film.
08/20/01 Basic Rights Oregon, Portland OR Homophobia and the Medical Abuse of Intersex Children Brown-bag lunch talk & discussion.
07/24/01 San Francisco Women Against Rape Medical Abuse and Its Implications on Intersex Children: What Rape Crsis Counselors Need to Know In-service presentation
06/25/01 GenderTalk Radio Teaching Intersex Issues in Classrooms Radio interview
06/16/01 National Women's Studies Association @ University of Minnesota Beyond "Five Sexes": Centering Intersex People and Issues in Feminist Classrooms Workshop w/ Dr. Lisa Weasel (Portland State University).
06/14/01 Ingrates at the Gate: Women of Color in Women's Studies Roundtable w/ Dr. Pat Washington (San Diego State University) et al.
06/14/01 Third Wave Theorizing the Third Wave: A Research Cafe Discussion.
06/03/01 National Queer Arts Festival, SomArts, San Francisco Intercourse: A Sex & Gender Spoken Word Recipe for Revolution Spoken-word performance w/ Thea Hillman, Cooper Lee Bombardier, Kassy Kaiatos, James Green, et al.
05/27/01 Sex Worker Film & Video Festival, San Francisco Sex Worker Representation Symposium w/ Carol Leigh, Annie Sprinkle, et al.
05/12/01 Southern Oregon University Gender Colligation 2001 Colligation: Multi-issue Social Justice and the Third Wave Lecture
05/12/01 Beyond "Five Sexes": Centering Intersex in the Feminist Classroom Lecture
05/11/01 Revising the Third Wave Feminisms: the Case of Transfeminism Lecture
04/24/01 Portland State University Queer Awareness Week Film "Hermaphrodites Speak!" Film screening and facilitated discussion w/ Diana Courvant
04/18/01 In Other Words bookstore Film "Hermaphrodites Speak!" Film screening and facilitated discussion w/ Lamya Amir al-Chidiac
04/14/01 Humboldt State University Take Back the Night week Take Back the Night event Sound-off
04/13/01 Organizing Queer, Intersex & Trans Communities Against Intimate Violence Take Back the Night Week Lecture (also: coffee/chat at noon)
04/09/01 Yale University Taste of Equality Third Wave Feminisms & Transfeminism: Broadening the Movement Lecture w/ Diana Courvant
03/21/01 Love Makes a Family Anti-Racism & Interruptions Workshop w/ Diana Courvant
02/22/01 Portland State University "Feminist Analysis" course Shifting Focus: Non-intersex & Non-trans Privileges Film screening and discussion w/ Diana Courvant
02/14/01 Queery, WORT 98.8 FM in Madison WI Interview Radio interview over telephone
02/06/01 Portland State University "Asian Women in the U.S." course Domestic Violence and Asian/Asian-American Women Panel presentation w/ three other Asian women
02/06/01 Pacific University "Human Sexualities" course Academic vs. Activist Framing of Intersex Existence Lecture & discussion w/ Diana Courvant
12/14/00 In Other Words bookstore "Is it a Boy or a Girl?" Film screening and discussion
11/16/00 Portland Women's Crisis Line How Intersex & Trans People Survive Violence Survivor Project workshop w/ Diana Courvant
11/16/00 Portland State University "Is it a Boy or a Girl?" Film screening and discussion w/ Diana Courvant
10/21/00 Future of Women's Studies conference @ University of Arizona Raging Exotics: Women of Color, Academia & Student Activism Panel presentation w/ Monica Steen & Lamya Amir al-Chidiac
08/08/00 Portland Women's Crisis Line Unique Issues in Intersex and Trans Survivors of Domestic Violence Survivor Project workshop w/ Jamie Peta & Diana Courvant
07/19/00 National Coalition Against Domestic Violence conference in Portland OR Economic & Social Justice Issues in Anti-Domestic Violence Movement Survivor Project workshop w/ Diana Courvant
07/18/00 Unique Issues of Intersex and Trans Survivors of Domestic Violence (part 1 & 2) Survivor Project workshop w/ Roper, Diana Courvant et al.
07/14/00 Queer Thought: Bi/Trans Inclusion in Gay/Lesbian Movement Survivor Project workshop w/ Lauren Martin
06/12/00 GenderTalk Radio Interview Radio interview w/ Diana Courvant
04/26/00 Sexual Assault Support Services in Eugene OR Unique Issues in Intersex and Trans Survivors of Domestic Violence Survivor Project workshop w/ Diana Courvant
03/27/00 Women in Higher Education conference @ University of Minnesota Beyond "Emerging Voices" Plenary panel w/ three other young women