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  • Emi is available to speak at your organization, school, or classroom! Check out her profile, and contact her to inquire. Thanks!

Emi's Presentations in 2010-2014

Below is the almost complete list of Emi's workshops, lectures, etc. in 2010-2014. She is always seeking additional speaking engagements - please feel free to inquire by email.

12/14/14 Seattle Annual Sex Worker Symposium Rights Not Rescue panel w/ Maggie Mayhem, Kristen Di'Angelo, Eileen Corcoran
11/14/14 University of California, Los Angeles Confronting Japanese Right-Wing Organizing in Southern California a FeND workshop [info] [facebook]
10/11/14 FallOut Art Festival, Portland OR Negativity and Survival lecture featuring poems and stories
10/10/14 cutting: a diary (intro) performance
09/13/14 Northwest Reproductive Justice Summit, Seattle WA Anti-criminalization: A reproductive justice approach to empowering and advocating for people in the sex trade lecture
05/09/14 Queer Students of Color Conference, Portland OR Negativity, Survival, and Bottom-Up Feminism keynote
04/21/14 Claremont Colleges, Claremont CA Disability Justice, Transgender Justice, and Intersex Rights lecture [facebook]
Zine-Making in My Activism and Research lecture
03/31/14 Freedom Network Conference Anti-Trafficking Movement and the State Violence pre-conference panel
Deputization of Social Services in the Era of Anti-Trafficking Movement pre-conference gathering
03/26/14 University of Washington School of Medicine System Failure Alert!: Building Power for Street Youth and Others Navigating Social and Medical Services "diversity cafe" talk
03/14/14 University of Vermont Student Conference on Race, Gender and Sexuality On Becoming a Bottom-Up Feminist keynote
03/07/14 Lewis & Clark College Gender Studies Symposium, Portland OR Gender and Disability panel
03/05/14 Western Washington University Rescue is for Kittens: Rethinking Responses to Youth in the Sex Trade lecture
11/27/13 Oregon Department of Human Services, District 2, LGBTQ Youth Working Group trans/queer youth and the sex trade invited talk
10/28/13 Social Justice class, Portland State University Transgender Youth in the Sex Trade in-class presentation
10/16/13 Syracuse University, Syracuse NY Disability Justice and Intersex Rights LGBT & Disability Coming Out Month
10/11/13 Gallaudet University, Washington DC The Uses of Negativity: Survival and Coping Strategies for Those of Us Who Are Exasperated by the Empty Promise of "It" Getting "Better" [full text] National Coming Out Day keynote
09/27/13 St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Detroit MI Negative Survivorship: Reclaiming "Victim" and Embracing Unhealthy Coping hosted by Fender Bender and HAVEN [facebook]
09/26/13 International Human Trafficking, Prostitution, and Sex Work Conference, Toledo OH Transgender Youth in the Sex Trade workshop
08/20/13 KBOO radio On Queer/Feminist Theory Reading Group interview
08/17/13 Ivanice Harris March for Justice, Portland OR SWOC Rep Speech brief remark (text)
08/08/13 Forging Justice Conference, Detroit MI Being Intersectional: How Intersectional Analysis Informs an Alternative Framework to Empower People in the Sex Trade opening plenary
07/18/13 Desiree Alliance Conference, Las Vegas NV Fighting Criminalization: Beyond "Legalization" vs "Decriminalization" workshop
07/17/13 Trafficking Panel: What's Really Going On? panel
07/11/13 API Chaya Working with People in the Sex Trade in-service
06/26/13 Multnomah County STD Clinic Sex Workers & Harm Reduction in-service
06/15/13 Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference API Trans/GNC Voices panel
05/22/13 San Francisco Sex Worker Film & Arts Festival Anti-Trafficking and the Carceral State lecture & discussion
05/23/13 Oral Services: Sex Worker Spoken Word spoken word
05/14/13 Beyond Carceral State: Queer, Feminist, Anti-Racist Critiques and Interventions, University of Washington, Bothell Resisting War on Trafficking: Toward a Coalition Against Criminalization keynote
03/27/13 Washington State University, Vancouver Campus Film "Intersexion" film screening and Q&A
03/10/13 SMYRC, Portland OR Cast in "More Than Two Monologues" [facebook]
02/09/13 MBLGTACC 2013, Lansing MI Negative Survivorship: Discussion workshop
02/08/13 The Uses of Negativity: Survival and Coping Strategies for Those of Us Who Are Exasperated by the Empty Promise of "It" Getting "Better" keynote
01/10/13 University of Washington Q Center, Seattle WA "War on Trafficking"? Resisting Criminalization as Solution to the "Modern Day Slavery" lecture [facebook]
12/17/12 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, Portland OR Decriminalization vs. Anti-Criminalization related blog entry
11/17/12 TransConnect, Portland Q Center Transgender Youth in the Sex Trade workshop [slides]
11/18/12 Harm Reduction Conference, Portland OR Youth vs. the Social Service Industrial Complex: How Anti-Trafficking Hysteria is Dismantling Harm Reduction Movement panel on sex work and the law enforcement [slides]
Portland Bad Date Line: Limitations and Challenges panel on bad date lines [slides]
11/16/12 Negative Survivorship: Reclaiming "Victim" and Embracing Unhealthy Coping part of Addressing Violence panel [slides]
Unpacking the Media Spectacle of Sex Trafficking part of Trafficking Wars panel 2 [slides]
11/15/12 Confronting the "War on Trafficking": Empowerment-Based Alternatives to Anti-Prostitution Policing and Prosecution part of Trafficking Wars panel 1 [slides]
04/21/12 Northwest Women's Studies Association, Portland OR Reclaiming "Victim" and Embracing Negative Survivorship: Exploring Alternatives to the Heteronormativity and Neoliberalism of the Trauma Recovery Industry paper
Lewis & Clark College Gender Studies Symposium Embracing Negative Survivorship and Unhealthy Coping: Resisting the Compulsory Optimism and Hopefulness of the Trauma Recovery Industry see abstracts
Media Spectacle of Sex Trafficking and the Invisible Transgender Youth in the Sex Trade
03/11/12 TRANSforming Gender Conference, University of Colorado Transgender Youth in the Sex Trade keynote
03/08/12 Montana State University, Bozeman MT Rethinking the "Comfort Women" Discourse in Japan and the U.S.: An Observation from an Activist in Sex Worker, Asian American, and Anti-Trafficking Movements invited lecture, Gender Issues in Contemporary Japan course
Intersex Representation in Japanese Comics: Possibilities and Limitations invited lecture, Pop Culture in Japan course
03/07/12 Intersex at the Intersection of Disability and LGBT Movements lecture for Bozeman LGBTIQ Resource Center
03/03/12 Northwest SWOP, Seattle WA International Sex Worker Rights Day panel
02/18/12 Sex Trafficking in the U.S. conference, Corvallis OR The Neglected Transgender Youth in the Sex Trade: How Mainstream Anti-Trafficking Discourse and Media Spectacle Invisibilize Trans Youth  
11/20/11 Transgender Day of Remembrance, Portland State University Erasure of Transgender Youth in the Sex Trade: How Transgender Community, Sex Workers' Movement, and Anti-Trafficking Movement Fail Transgender Youth keynote (see slides)
11/04/11 Justice in Transition: Serving the Transgender Community in Law and Practice, New York University Law Erasure of Transgender Youth in the Sex Trade panel on transgender youth
10/31/11 Portland State University Erasure of Transgender Youth in the Sex Trade invited class lecture / test-run for 11/04
05/27/11 San Francisco Sex Worker Film & Arts Festival Real Feminists and Human Rights Activists Don't Buy Ashton: Sex Workers Responding to the Anti-Trafficking Panic workshop for sex worker skillshare
05/19/11 University of Oregon Eugene OR War on Terror & War on Trafficking lecture
05/12/11 YWCA of Clark County Vancouver WA Violence Against Sex Workers in-service training
05/02/11 Sex Worker Outreach Coalition Understanding the U.S. Anti-Sex Trafficking Movements peer training
03/30/11 Grand Valley State University, Allendale MI War on Terror and War on Trafficking: How Irrational Panic over "Modern-Day Slavery" Harms Women lecture
03/18/11 Portland State University Women's Resource Center Women of Color Zine Workshop Series: Activism and zine-making guest presenter
03/16/11 Santa Clara Law Intersex and the Law panel with Anne Tamar-Mattis of Advocates for Informed Choice
03/03/11 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg PA Intersex lecture
03/02/11 Red & Black Cafe, Portland OR feature performer, Unite for Sex Worker Rights spoken-word
12/16/10 Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center Intersex in-service training
11/16/10 Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY Intersex/Disability/Queerness  
11/15/10 Yale University, New Haven CT Transgender Inclusion? or Demilitarizing the Borderlands of the Binary Gender System. Oh, and No Means No. part of Trans Week
10/26/10 University of Oregon, Eugene OR Intersex Awareness Day 2010 lecture
06/14/10 Oregon Health & Science University, Portland OR "Hermaphroditism," Intersex, DSD: Two Decades of Intersex Advocacy Movement and Its Impact on Treatment Today part of Cultural Competency Lecture Series
03/17/10 Brown University, Providence RI Demilitarizing the Borderlands of the Binary Gender System workshop
03/13/10 Lewis & Clark College Gender Studies Symposium, Portland OR Disabling Assumptions: Disability and Sexuality panel
02/26/10 Montana State University, Bozeman MT Convergence of Xenophobia and (Pseudo-)Feminism Online: Japanese Internet Users' Responses to Mainichi Shimbun's Denigrating Depictions of Japanese Women and Girls class lecture for Tomomi Yamaguchi
02/23/10 Washington State University, Pullman WA Intersex lecture
02/20/10 Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference 2010, Madison WI (Introduction to) Intersex Actiism workshop
Gay Imperialism and Its Alternatives workshop
01/19/10 Gender Blender, 100.7 FM KBOO Interview about LGBTQ people with developmental disabilities live interview on radio
01/11/10 Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, Portland OR CELEBRATE! Drag Performances featuring Artists with Developmental Disabilities producer and director for a benefit show for Bridges to Independence