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Frequently Asked Questions: Presentation

Below is the list of frequently asked questions about Emi's presentations.

On what topics has Emi given presentations?

Topics include third wave feminisms, intersex activism, queer domestic violence issues, transfeminism, sex work activism, anti-racism, and domestic violence and social justice movement. Of course, being a multi-issue social justice activist, she ends up combining a lot of these issues in her presentations regardless of what the main focus is. See the list of presentations for the specific titles for these presentations.

How can Emi claim to be able to speak about so many different issues?

For one thing, Emi happens to have been impacted by each of these issues personally, and participated in many different activisms. But that's not the complete answer: the full answer is that Emi believes that one's activist orientation should not be about which issues she or he wants to tackle, but what approach she or he would take to any social issues. For this reason, Emi is resisting being pigeonholed into being an "intersex activist," for example.

In what kind of format does Emi present?

Most of Emi's presentations have been lectures at college campuses or in-service trainings for community organizations. Other formats include speakouts, spoken word performance, radio interviews, and panel discussion. Emi has also publicly debated old-skool feminists who are anti-trans, anti-prostitution, anti-porn, etc. and is open to doing more.

What does it take to invite Emi to my school/organization?

Emi's honorarium varies widely depending on factors such as topic, location, size of the audience, sponsor, timing, and pure luck, but she generally works with organizations with smaller budgets as long as they pick the time she is not busy. In addition, Emi asks travel, lodging, and food expenses paid for; under certain conditions, she accepts lodging at someone's house. Feel free to e-mail Emi to check her availability.

When and where will Emi speak next?

See the list of presentations. Emi might do a book tour when it's finally done, but that's going to have to wait a while.