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Michigan/Trans Controversy Archive

Documents on Michigan/Trans Controversy

Some of the documents linked from here are old newsgroup postings and other materials that are not easy to find. If you have or know about other documents that should be archived here, please email Emi.

Date Title Author
--/--/1975 Why Women-Only Concerts? Oven Productions, Cleveland OH (historical origin of women-only concerts)
06/--/1977 TYPE: Letter to Olivia Records Lisa Vogel et al., Sister
07/31/1985 Incorporation Record for "We Want The Music Company" Michigan Bureau of Commercial Services, Corporation Division
04/28/1993 Results of 1992 Gender Survey at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Nancy Burkholder
11/10/1993 Official: Festival Womyn Speak Out Lisa Vogel & Barbara Price, MWMF
--/--/1994 Transexual Separatism? or Is Anyone Out There Listening? Riki Ann Wilchins in TransSisters
07/01/1994 Artist: The Alix Dobkin/Riki Ann Wilchins Joint Statement Alix Dobkin & Riki Ann Wilchins
--/--/1997 Feminist and Lesbian Opinions About Transsexuals Holly Devor in Gender Blending
11/09/1997 Imagine Adrienne J. Davis
04/15/1998 Artist: Passover Revisited Alix Dobkin in Chicago Outlines
07/--/1998 Letter to the Organizers of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Washington DC Lesbian Avengers
06/08/1999 Michigan Women's Festival, Baybee Chainsaw Records message board log
06/10/1999 Two Emails to Mr. Lady BethX
06/11/1999 Artist: Public Statement The Butchies & Mr. Lady
06/24/1999 Protest Called For: Women's Music Festival Discriminatory Policy Still in Effect Clare Howell, GenderPAC
07/31/1999 Trans Am: The Phantom Menace at Michigan Jessica Xavier
08/12/1999 Don't Ask, Don't Tell Two-Step Gordon Bowness in Xtra!
08/18/1999 No Penises on the Land: Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Expands Policy Clare Howell, GenderPAC
08/24/1999 Official: Festival Reaffirms Commitment ot Womyn-Born Space Lisa Vogel, MWMF
08/--/1999 The Showering Penis S-P-E-A-K-S!!! Tony Barreto-Neto, Camp Trans
08/--/1999 Michelle's Account of Camp Trans '99 Michelle, Camp Trans
08/--/1999 InYourFace News Interview with Riki Anne Wilchins Riki Wilchins
09/01/1999 What is the Measure of a Woman? Miranda Stevens-Miller in Nightlines
09/03/1999 TG activists clash with women's music festival organizers Doreen Cudnik in Gay People's Chronicle
09/17/1999 LRC Opposes Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Exclusion of Transsexual Women Lesbian Resource Center in Seattle Gay News
12/01/1999 Trans Exclusion at Michigan Women's Music Festival BethX
01/27/2000 Letter to LC re:Son of Camp Trans Davina Anne Gabriel
04/--/2000 Men in ewes' clothing: The stealth politics of the transgender movement Jennie Ruby, off our backs
04/--/2000 "No More Cooptation" Letter to off our backs by bev jo
04/--/2000 "Anger Over Transsexuals" Letter to Lesbian Connection by bev jo
07/24/2000 Official: Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Affirms Womyn Born Space Lisa Vogel, MWMF
08/04/2000 Boston Lesbian Avengers To Join Camp Trans In Michigan Boston Lesbian Avengers
08/07/2000 Michigan Womyn's Music Festival celebrates 25 years of controversy Anngel Delaney, New York Blade
08/08/2000 Official: Community Discussion on Womyn-Born Womyn Space and Festival Affirms Womyn-Born Womyn Space Lisa Vogel, MWMF (distributed at the festival)
08/09/2000 The Michigan Women's Music Festival and Transsexual Women: A Statement by Transsexual Women Beth Elliott et al.
08/12/2000 "Michigan Eight" Evicted Over Festival's New "Don't Ask Don't tell" Gender Policy Camp Trans
08/14/2000 Transwomen "Menace" Michigan Jim Fouratt
08/15/2000 Official: Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Celebrates 25 Years of Commitment to Womyn-Born Womyn Space Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
08/18/2000 The Transfeminist Response to "A Statement by Transsexual Women and their Women Friends" Liby S. Pease et al.
08/20/2000 My MWMF statement about the MWMF statements Gwendolyn Ann Smith
08/20/2000 Whose Feminism is it Anyway? The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion Debate (PDF) Emi Koyama
08/24/2000 Eight Activists Kicked Out of Michigan Womyn's Music festival Simon Fisher, Chicago Camp Trans Committee
08/27/2000 A Challenge to reassigned / non op / pre op women everywhere Danielle
09/01/2000 Michigan Festival Won't Budge on Trans Inclusion Rob Nixon in Etcetera
09/13/2000 Trouble in Utopia Tristan Taormino in Village Voice
10/01/2000 Michigan Controversy Flares Again Gail Sondegaard
10/00/2000 Michigan: transgender controversy... off our backs
--/--/2001 Don't Stop The Music: Roundtable Discussion with Workers from the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Ann Cvetkovich & Selena Wahng in GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. 7(1):131-151.
04/17/2001 Are Transsexual Women "Real" Women? Yes. Paula Martinac in PlanetOut
06/--/2001 Sex, lies and feminism Charlotte Croson in off our backs
07/--/2001 Gender Rights, Transgender Rights, Women's Rights? Karla Mantilla in off our backs
08/16/2001 XX Marks the Spot Teresa Wiltz in Washington Post
08/20/2001 Report from "Camp Trans" Scott Free in OutVoice
10/--/2001 The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival: Another World off our backs
10/07/2001 Petition: Response to Violence Against the Butchies/Le Tigre Rachel Carns et al.
10/09/2001 A Tale of Two Festivals Jennifer Vanasco in The Advocate
10/10/2001 Trans America Sarah Dougher
10/15/2001 Petition: An Open Letter in Support of Protests Sadie Crabtree et al.
10/24/2001 Leave "Women Only" Rule Ambiguous Emi Koyama
12/18/2001 Petition: MWMF Trans-inclusion Petition Nomy Lamm et al.
12/--/2001 Trouble at the Womyn's Festival Charlotte Cooper in Rainbow Network
02/10/2002 Politics of Safety in Women-Only Spaces: An Opening Statement for the Dialogue Emi Koyama
02/13/2002 More Than a Woman Ren Spencer Saller in Riverfront Times
07/--/2002 A Fest in Distress Robin Finkelstein, Emi Koyama and Grover Wehman in Bitch magazine, Summer 2002 (Issue 17)
07/25/2002 Artist: Politics of Pussy: Bitch and Animal on a Revolutionary Gender-Bender Sarah Liss interviews Bitch and Animal, NOW (Toronto)
08/28/2003 Michigan: two camps face off over trans inclusion R.J. Grubb, The Bay Window (Mass.)
09/--/2003 At the Michigan Womyn's Music Fest Bonnie J. Morris, in Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, September/October 2003
11/--/2003 Jess Snodgrass Interview Curve magazine, November 2003
11/--/2003 Letter to Editor Bobbi in Minnesota, Curve magazine, November 2003
11/--/2003 Transmissions from Camp Trans Michelle Tea, Believer magazine, November 2003
03/19/2004 I have recently heard... Alix Olson
04/--/2004 Artist: My thoughts on MWMF Ember Swift, on her website
06/03/2004 Artist: Michigan Statement #2 Ember Swift, on her website
07/--/2004 Artist: Excerpt from Diane DiMassa Interview Bitch magazine, Summer 2004 (Issue #25)
07/--/2004 Letter to Bitch Magazine Julia Serano
07/--/2004 Artist: Letter from Diane DiMassa Diane DiMassa, on her website
06/--/2005 Artist: Notes from Amy / Michigan Womyn's Fest Interviews Amy Ray interviews Jessica Snodgrass, Carrie Schrader, Brian Burgess, Angelyn Anastasia, Katie Bishop, Brandie Taylor, Tami Rae Carland, Bitch, Daniela, and Lisa Vogel
08/03/2006 Michigan Or Bust: CampTrans Flourishes for Another Year Jacob Anderson-Minshall, San Francisco Bay Times
08/03/2006 The Other Women's Festival--Camp Trans Dawn Wolfe Gutterman, Between The Lines News
08/14/2006 frustration Julia Serano responds to Jacob Anderson-Minshall, 08/03/2006
08/21/2006 Michigan Women's Music Festival ends policy of discrimination against Trans women Camp Trans
08/22/2006 Official: Michigan Women's Music Festival Sets the Record "Straight" Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
08/24/2006 Womyn's Fest tells transgender women to ban themselves National Center for Transgender Equality
09/05/2006 The Michigan Women's Music Festival Continues to Promote Discrimination Families United Against Hate
07/19/2010 An Open Letter to My Friends Who Go to Michfest Annie Danger, posted on facebook
??/??/2011 Trans Women Belong Here. (flier) Trans Women Belong Here
09/01/2011 Just Another Woman at Michfest Alice Kalafarski
03/21/2013 Petition: Boycott MWMF until the organizers fully include trans women Red Durkin
03/29/2013 Artist: Community Andrea Gibson
04/04/2013 Artist: Note from Amy and Emily Indigo Girls
04/11/2013 My response to the request to boycott the Michigan Festival Ruth Barrett
04/11/2013 Official: Letter to the Community Lisa Vogel
05/08/2013 Open Letter to Lisa Vogel Dirt
05/16/2013 Envisioning an Inclusive MichFest: Thoughts from Trans Womyn Belong Here Trans Women Belong Here
06/02/2013 Artist: I will not play the Mich Fest this year Nona Hendryx
06/11/2013 Artist: For My Community JD Samson
06/20/2013 Why Womyn-Only? RadFem Rise Up!
07/18/2013 Artist: Hidden in Plain View: A Trans Activist Reflects on Performing at Michfest Erin Rook, PQ Monthly
09/04/2013 Official: The Belief in Our Community Lisa Vogel
03/27/2014 Artist: Hunter Valentine has decided Hunter Valentine
05/07/2014 Artist: Regarding the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Lea DeLaria
05/09/2014 Artist: Statement in Response to QSoCC's Decision to Oust Climbing Poetree due to Participation in Michfest Climbing Poetree
05/09/2014 Climbing Poetree Cancellation Statement. Portland State University Queer Resource Center
05/09/2014 Official: Letter to the Community Lisa Vogel
05/09/2014 Artist: Crystal Bowersox Talks Coming Out, Touring, and Michfest Parker Marie Molloy, The Advocate
07/30/2014 Petition: End Transgender Exclusion from Michfest Equality Michigan
08/05/2014 I was a trans woman who went to Michfest Bryn Kelly
08/06/2014 A Trans Woman on Saving MichFest Kayley Whalen
08/08/2014 Artist: Why Antigone Rising and the Head of GLAAD Won't Be at Michfest Sarah Kate Ellis and Kristen Henderson, The Advocate
08/18/2014 Official: Statement from Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
04/10/2014 Letter from Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey Rae Carey, National LGBTQ Task Force
04/10/2014 Letter from NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell Kate Kendell, National Center for Lesbian Rights
04/21/2015 Official: Letter from Lisa Vogel Lisa Vogel, MWMF