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Date: July 13, 2007

For the past week or so, I’ve been swimming almost every day at an athletic club. I love it. I started swimming because my friend/housemate Leslie is a member at the place, and invited me to come along as a guest. I borrowed her old swimsuit and jumped in, literally. I’m not a serious swimmer–in fact, I don’t think I swam for at least a decade–but it’s strangely fun. As many of you know, I have bad back and joints, which I thought would hurt a lot after swimming–but I actually feel quite well and energised afterwards each time.

Now I bought my own swimsuit and became an “extended family member” which is available for people who live under the same address (yup). I was lucky to be able to do that, because there is a two-month waiting list if I were to join on my own (plus, I probably wouldn’t have if Leslie wasn’t there). It’s a bit far from where I live (it takes between one and half to two hours by public transit), but the facility is really nice (it’s saline), compared to the city-owned pool. I feel extremely resentful about how money buys so much comfort in our society, and I can barely afford the $57/month membership charge, but it’s the first time in my adulthood to exercise regularly and I’ll try to maintain my membership as long as I can…

I’ve been sick a lot in the past five years or so (and when I’m not sick I’ve been fatigued), but I’m hoping that swimming would keep me healthy more of the time, and perhaps give me more energy so that I can start to go out again. Maybe if I keep up swimming at least three times a week for several months, I could get myself a water-proof iPod shuffle… (or, is there a sugar daddy? My birthday is coming up on August 24…).

Oh, one last thing–I plan to come to the next Chunky Dunk, a “size-friendly private swim for everyBODY.” I know it’d be crowded and locker room won’t be as nice, but it seems like a fun event and I’d like to see my friends… Come see me in my new swimsuit :-)

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