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Emi’s secret connection to J. Michael Bailey Exposed! Oh and she drinks the blood of infants too.

Date: May 10, 2007

Recently, person identifying herself as “Gina” has been appearing on various blogs that mention my involvement in the intersex activism, and making some bizarre allegations on me. One such example is found on the blog The Blind Bookworm Blog, which simply posted an announcement about my upcoming (tomorrow!) University of Chicago lecture on the topic. Here are Gina’s comments and my responses.

DSD is a term favored by medical interventionists and parents . It is not a term many Intersexed like used on themselves.

It’s true that the term is generally favored by medical professionals and parents. It’s also favored by many of the intersex patients’ groups, both activist and support groups. On the other hand, there is indeed a large number of intersex people who do not like the term, and that should be taken seriously. But it’s simply not true to say that intersex people generally reject the term. Gina doesn’t speak for the entire intersex people any more than I or any other person would.

You should look to Emi Koyomas conections.

Clearly, Gina never has. If she had, she would not be able to find any connection whatsoever to J. Michael Bailey in any way.

She is not intersexed and

It looks like Gina is the one who is deciding who is intersex and who isn’t, even though she alleges others of doing just that.

is conected to the discredited group from Northwest university that includes J michael bailey.

Gina has no evidence to support this. I don’t know J. Michael Bailey except for the fact I’ve read some of his controversial papers.

These people favor eugenics amongst other things.

I don’t know if J. Michael Bailey favors eugenics or not, but regardless of that it has nothing to do with me.

The DSD consortium are attempting to controll the definition of who is intersexed and who is not. Those that do not comply with their dictates are labeled Autogynophiliacs or homoerotic.

Well, it defines DSD as “congenital conditions in which development of chromosomal, gonadal, or anatomic sex is atypical.” It’s actually a broader and clearer definition that the traditional “intersex.”

“Autogynephilic” and “homoerotic” Gina is referring to are two subtypes of male-to-female transsexuality proposed by Ray Blanchard and promoted by J. Michael Bailey. I can understand why transsexual people would be upset with Bailey’s claim that these are the only possible variations for transsexual women, and I would totally support trans activists challenging Bailey et al. on that. But still, that’s the controversy around transsexuality, not intersex.

Needless to say, if one has a DSD under its current definition, she or he does: that fact won’t change whether or not they “comply” or agree with the terminology in any way.

Besides, whatever her disagreement with DSD Consortium might be, I’m not part of the consortium or have any relationship with it.

Unfortunately, the controversy over the DSD term has brought about the kind of personal attacks as evidenced by Gina’s comment (and she has been posting similar attacks against me on other blogs as well).

Gina is not alone in disliking the term DSD, and I support her in expressing her opinions. But she has no right to spread lies and ridiculous conspiracy theories about other intersex activists whom she happens to disagree with (that said, I’m not even sure if she actually understands what my positions are to begin with, since she continues to attribute things to me that I had nothing to do with). If she is going to allege that I associate with J. Michael Bailey or that I endorse eugenics, she needs to produce evidence–so far, absolutely none has surfaced.

Oh by the way, Lynn Conway’s website that Gina speaks about is this:

As you see, you won’t find it mentioning my name at all (Google couldn’t find it). So whatever position she thinks the site might support, it doesn’t support anything she alleges about me.

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