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Mural of my image to appear in North Portland?

Date: July 24, 2007

It almost feels like a scam, but apparently it’s for real.

Dear Emi,

My name is ***** ***** and I am organizing a mural titled “Women Making History In Portland”. This project is being organized through In Other Words Women’s Books and Resources. I have asked various non-profits and community leaders to nominate women who they felt should be be featured in the mural in a way that depicts how they have worked to make change in Portland.

While I have been compiling a list of women since the beginning of this year it was not until today that I went to In Other Words and asked Sue Burns who she would like to nominate on behalf of In Other Words. When she mentioned your name I was so excited that I immediately got goose bumps. I have seen you speak at numerous open mics and have attended a lecture by you years ago. Since then I have heard many people bring you up in conversation in regards to the amazing work that you do. It would be my honor to include you in this mural project.

The project is set to start in the middle of August and be completed by the middle of October. It will be locate at the intersection of N Interstate Ave and N Harding St.

What do you think I should do?

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  1. I’m a little late to put in my two cents, but I’m very curious to know what you did. If you feel like it and have time, feel free to read my two cents.

    My hope is that you granted permission to the muralists to paint your picture, because I don’t believe there is enough representation of writer-activists like yourself who state the necessity of multi-issue politics and organizing.

    Once I asked a prominent feminist academic if she would sign a book for me and she abruptly replied that she believed autographs were a form of self-institutionalization. I felt humiliated and was frustrated that someone whose work I had studied and whose politics I admired so much would be so quick to dismiss my request, however “self-institutionalizing” it might have seemed to her (wasn’t it arrogant of her to write me off while she rubbed elbows with other prominent academics?). She could have also simply told me in a kind manner that she doesn’t sign books. Of course, she was also getting paid tens of thousands of dollars to come speak at my school, so maybe I (unjustly?) felt that she could grant a student who had also paid thirty dollars for her book the small favor of a signature. Clearly this is a different situation. My point is that people with rad politics shouldn’t be so afraid of self-institutionalization because there are bigger problems in the world. Of course if you chose not to grant permission for any personal reason I am not one to pass judgement – I am sure from my emails with you that you were more gracious than the aforementioned academic and were under no obligation to those who asked you.

    Comment by A Transfeminist — March 10, 2008 @ 2:29 am

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