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Responding to Fetishist Emails

Date: February 29, 2008

Email I received at Intersex Initiative.

id love to meet a reallllllllllll hermorphadite in person. my email is ***** in *****.

The first “*****” is part of an email address; the latter is a name of a City.

I get these emails at least once a week. ISNA must receive it every day, if not every hour. I usually just ignore, but today, after an upsetting episode at Wal-Mart which they sucked me into with its $4/month prescription generic medication, I found some energy to respond. Here goes:

Hello sir–Too bad. I just called the World Council of Realllll Hermorphadite and had them add your name, email address, home address and social security number into The Blacklist so that no reallllll hermorphadite would fall prey to someone like you.

Just to clarify: I’m not against fetishes or fetishists. I’m against someone insensitive enough to send such email to an organisation that is trying to change the society so that intersex people would be treated as people, not just some object of others’ fantasy or being reduced to just the sex organs.