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Interchange 1999-2000

Interchange is an archive for online commentaries Emi posts to various message boards and mailing lists.

11/01/00 WMST-L Domestic Violence & Native American Women (in response to another post)
09/22/00 WMST-L "Five Sexes" (in response to inquiry)
08/12/00 WMST-L Stretching the Definition of Domestic Violence? (in response to Daphne Patai)
07/27/00 Forum Is Transfeminism a Parasite? (on lack of depth and dimension in supposedly "transfeminist" writings)
06/04/00 Forum Street Harassment / Thinking about Separatism (a diary-like entry)
06/04/00 WMST-L Is Celibacy a form of Abuse? (clarifying the concept of domestic violence)
06/03/00 Techno Dyke "Transphobia" is Old (it's not just a fear, but an oppression)
05/23/00 Forum Rejected Proposal #1 (what my book is and is not about)
05/22/00 Techno Dyke Owning My Own Discomfort (facing internalized transphobia)
05/18/00 Techno Dyke Mislabeling of Native American Genders as "Transgender" (colonialism of transgender movement)
03/17/00 WMST-L "Heterophobia" (in response to Daphne Patai)
03/17/00 WMST-L Sexual Harassment Hysteria (in response to Daphne Patai)
01/24/00 Letter to Alice magazine Ricky Martin is Not a Role Model (white interviewer misinterprets Asian singer-songwriter)
07/19/99 CampTrans Lesbian Separatism vs. White Supremacy (in response to another post)
03/21/99 soc.feminism Elizabeth Dole (we are that disenfranchised)