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Interchange 2002

Interchange is an archive for online commentaries Emi posts to various message boards and mailing lists.

10/20/02 chora-l Doing Away with the Safety of "Women of Color" (inclusion of men/whites in the new "This Bridge")
08/12/02 Intersex and Michigan Womyn's Music Festival (intersex is not a blame-free category)
07/23/02 Camp Trans ML Ranking Transpeople (surgical and hormonal status are irrelevant)
06/28/02 "Transmen's Action" at SF Dyke March (dyke march is for dykes of all genders and sexualities)
06/27/02 Sexual Realities Transsexuality is Just Life (trans people are not theoretical points to be made)
06/26/02 "Don't Tell, Don't Ask" at Michigan (selective enforcement is already in practice)
06/26/02 Intersexed_Society list Citations on Intersex and Eugenics (start by reading other anti-eugenics materials)
06/11/02 WMST-L Dancing to the Ableist Revolution (awareness more important than cleansing of language)
06/10/02 WMST-L Eli Clare's "Exile and Pride" (more than just about queer and disability rights)
06/07/02 CNRG list Anti-Youth Services for the Youth (whose voices are more important?)
06/07/02 WMST-L Cissexual/Cisgender (decentralizing the dominant group)
06/06/02 WMST-L Patronization of Younger Feminists ("mutual disrespect" obscures power imbalance)
06/05/02 Feminist Approach to Bioethics List ISNA & The Vagina Monologues (behind the scenes of V-Day Challenge 2002)
06/05/02 WMST-L Transsexuals in Colorado (is colorado trans-friendly?)
06/05/02 WMST-L Who Are the "Young Feminists"? (second wavers hand-picking the palpable)
05/29/02 NCADV Abusive Power and Control in the Shelter System (open letter to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence)
05/22/02 WMST-L "New Feminisms" Revise the Domestic Violence Movement (toward a multi-issue intersectionist analysis)
05/22/02 WMST-L Feminist Oceanography Continued (who is buying into media stereotypes?)
04/11/02 trans-academic ML Bigotry Disguised as Feminism (treating transphobia in isolation misses the point)
04/10/02 WMST-L Debunking Anti-Prostitution Feminism (articulating a working-class sex worker feminism)
04/06/02 transfeminist ML Intersex and Trans (conflation almost always lead to erasure)
03/28/02 Murdered Trans People (who is "our" community?)
03/27/02 Missing the Point of John/Joan Story (focus on abuse, not on gender incongruence)
03/07/02 Privilege and Obliviousness (trans activism re-creating lesbian separatism?)
02/04/02 Puritan Politics Lead to Oppressions (absolutism is only practical for the privileged)
02/03/02 Gentri-fuck-ation in Portland (no simple way to live in a complex world)
01/24/02 Eroticizing Myself (it's the consent that matters)
01/06/02 CAVNET-Professionals Subjecting Survivors to the World Full of Dangers (empowering survivors with information instead of shielding them from the real world)