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Interchange 2001

Interchange is an archive for online commentaries Emi posts to various message boards and mailing lists.

12/31/01 ButchDykeBoy Double Standard in The Vagina Monologues (disparities in ways African and U.S. genital cuttings are described)
12/31/01 A Question for Animal Rights Activists (how will animal rights activists know when they fuck things up?)
12/28/01 Regression of the Third Wave (are we turning into our mothers?)
12/27/01 Politics of Safe Space and Privilege (trans exclusion in women's communities and racial profiling against Arab travelers)
12/24/01 Crossing the Border Freely (clear, unambiguous boundaries are the problem)
12/20/01 tgpoc Michigan Again (confronting the myth of safety in women-only spaces)
12/16/01 ButchDykeBoy Intent and Action (we need to hold "allies" accountable to their actions)
12/13/01 tgpoc GenderPAC and Post-Identity Politics (not simply a direct negation of identity politics)
12/11/01 Ladyfest Bay Area Who Qualifies as a Lady? (how to phrase trans inclusion in women's events)
12/11/01 Hiding Our Dirty Laundry (why dykes have hard time recognizing domestic violence in our communities)
12/04/01 Self-Hurting as Self-Medicating (coping by whatever means necessary)
11/29/01 ButchDykeBoy "Generational Gap" is Asymmetrical (supposedly understanding attitude renders younger voices palatable)
11/08/01 Supporting Prostitutes (practical strategies for feminists)
11/07/01 Prostitution and Objectification (irresponsibleness of anti-prostitution feminists)
10/24/01 ButchDykeBoy World is Full of Ambiguities (leave "women only" rule ambiguous)
09/23/01 Savage Love Sex After WTC (an email to Dan Savage)
09/15/01 INCITE! Bay Area Media more Dangerous than Jerry Falwell (focus on anti-gay comment misses the point)
09/14/01 aplb Feeding the American War Machine (misguided responses to terrorism in the U.S.)
09/11/01 transfeminist Celebrating the Death of Enemies (on some Palestinian refugees' response to terror in the U.S.)
08/30/01 tgpoc Legitimate Opposition, Illogical Rhetoric (left's fear-mongering campaign against WTO)
08/16/01 INCITE! Bay Area Singling Out Sex Work (focus on exploitation, not on sex)
08/12/01 Dykes To Watch Out For Lame is Definitely Gay (an email to Alison Bechdel)
08/08/01 TechnoDyke It's About Homophobia (Oregon Citizens Alliance returns)
08/06/01 WMST-L Medical Definition of Hermaphroditism (challenging the WMST-L resident science expert)
07/26/01 WMST-L Possibility for Female Drag Queen (drag is more than mere imitation)
07/11/01 WMST-L Third Wave vs. Socialist Feminism (in response to Regina Oboler)
07/11/01 WMST-L De-Generationalizing the Third Wave (in response to Jessica Nathanson)
07/06/01 WMST-L Teaching 70s Feminisms (in response to Pauline Bart)
06/22/01 WMST-L Third Wave Feminisms (two proposals for consideration)
05/31/01 WMST-L Dr. Laura's Nude Pictures (useless and misogynistic political rhetorics)
05/30/01 APIQWTC List Defending OPEC (resisting mass hysteria in response to the gas price hike)
03/22/01 transfeminist ML Radical Feminism (what radical feminism constructs as "radical")
03/22/01 Feminist Majority Foudation Letter to "Choices E-zine" Editor (HIV crisis in Africa and scapegoating of prostitutes)
02/28/01 WMST-L Trans Inclusion/Exclusion (in response to an inquiry)
02/25/01 Forum In Defense of Eminem (on feminist & gay activists' protests against Eminem)
02/19/01 WMST-L Boys Don't Cry (in response to an inquiry)
01/08/01 Scylla Transphobia @ Rape Relief (in support of Kimberly Nixon)