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Interchange 2007

Interchange is an archive for online commentaries Emi posts to various message boards and mailing lists.

09/01/07 QueerDisability PTSD and the Responsibility for Trigger Management (demands to avoid "triggers" lead to injustice)
08/22/07 Trans-Academics Challenge Privilege, but Avoid Ascribing Intentions (the Bailey controversy hits the mainstream)
05/29/07 CAVNET Cynicism in the Anti-DV Movement (mainstream feminism's failure created a room for co-optation)
04/13/07 SWOP-USA "Intellectual Diversity" vs. Academic Freedom (libertarians should not defend the concept of "intellectual diversity")
02/27/07 Private email Moral Panic Does Not Protect Children from Pedophiles (Part 2) (we need to first separate feelings and behaviors)
02/21/07 QSTUDY-L Prolonged Sentencing Does Not Reduce Hate (prison is not the solution to hate crimes)
01/22/07 QSTUDY-L GenderPAC Dis-Invited Me from Conference (conference culture distorts activist movements)