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Interchange 2005

Interchange is an archive for online commentaries Emi posts to various message boards and mailing lists.

12/06/05 WMST-L Playing Stripper for Extra-Credit (theories of prostitution is divorced from lived experiences)
11/07/05 Transecting the Academy Exploiting the Dead (why are poor trans people honoured only after they die?)
08/03/05 WMST-L The Great Trans Debate of Summer 2005 (oh please, not that again...)
06/12/05 LiveJournal Stop Hiding Behind Private Property Rights (defenders of trans exclusion should make sound argument)
06/11/05 Intersexed_Society "Other" Gender in Driver's License (reject legal construction of gender as anatomy)
05/31/05 WMST-L You Can't Teach About Intersex Through John/Joan Case (shift focus away from the science and onto people's lives)
05/05/05 QueerDisability Complaining is a Form of Action (lack of inclusion is not the fault of the excluded)
05/02/05 WMST-L Relationship Abuse Is More Than Individual Acts of Violence (opposing verbal abuse does not lead to censorship)