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Interchange 2003

Interchange is an archive for online commentaries Emi posts to various message boards and mailing lists.

11/14/03 APIQWTC list Activism Without Accountability (danger of "speaking for" animals)
09/29/03 NWSA Lesbian Caucus "Lesbian Caucus" Fails to Stand Behind Fired (Black) Lesbian (caucus chair stifles discussion about discrimination)
09/29/03 Private Email Defending Free Exchange of Ideas (requiring consent for quoting published comments is immoral)
09/25/03 WMST-L Battles to Claim the Martyr Disrespectful (ten years after his death, Brandon's gender is still fought over)
08/24/03 Transwomen and Male Privilege (privilege is a system, not an individual attribute)
08/04/03 camp_trans Feminism Is Not An Existential Sheild (trans inclusion should change the dynamic)
07/05/03 WMST-L Between Effectiveness and Correctness (paper critiques activist statement out of context)
07/02/03 tgpoc Japanese Law Divides Trans People (progressive activists call for abolishing family registry)
06/29/03 Anti-Gay Constitutional Amendment--Go Ahead! (religious right's momentum nears its end)
04/17/03 Letter to Women's eNews Japenses Feminism Written Out of History by U.S. Feminism (men did not start anti-rape movement in Japan)
04/02/03 Intersexed_Society Intersex Brain, Transsexual Brain (evidence is still inconclusive)
03/25/03 Email to NGLTF Genuine Inclusion of Intersex at Creating Change (past patterns resulted in inclusion as an afterthought)
03/10/03 QueerDisability "Othering" of Non-Western Women in "The Vagina Monologues" (one-dimentional portrayal perpetuates imperialism)
03/10/03 Email to Dr. Andrew Hacker Only If They Admitted that They Didn't Know (reviewer underestimates the dishonesty in intersex medicine)
03/10/03 Letter to The Daily Illini Intersex "Inclusion" in Non-Discrimination Policy (it misses the point and trivializes real experiences)
01/19/03 WMST-L "Intermediate" Sex on Passports (it's still based on genital shape)
01/15/03 APIQWTC list Master's Tool, Once Again (Asian pride without the backlash)