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Interchange 2004

Interchange is an archive for online commentaries Emi posts to various message boards and mailing lists.

12/05/04 QSTUDY-L Rebelious Profs No Match for "Rachel Corrie Award" (in real world, people put their actual lives in line)
12/03/04 WMST-L Japanese Feminists Must Transform, Not Preserve, Marriage (it's not enough to simply fend off right wing attacks)
11/22/04 pro-decrim Pimps Are Not Our Friends (sex workers' clinic should distance itself from managers)
08/04/04 There Is No Unproblematic Cultural "Appreciation" (simplistic answers only further consumption of cultural symbols)
06/06/04 QueerDisability All Of Us Almost Died (on criticizing Reagan's legacy upon his death)
06/04/04 Sex and Parental Values (a "sex-neutral" approach to protecting youth)
06/01/04 Students for Genital Integrity list Stop Legitimatizing Exclusions (criticisms as a way to block legitimacy)
05/06/04 QSTUDY-L Janice Raymond: A Fake Feminist? (mislabeling opponents is not productive)
05/04/04 Nothing But Corruption And Exploitation (without violence, there won't be international adoption)
04/12/04 Intersexe-Androgynous list "Brain Sex" Theory and the Common Sense ("nature versus nurture" is a false dichotomy)
04/09/04 Intersexed_Society Abortion of Intersex Fetuses (pro-choice needs to be more than just abortion rights)
04/05/04 & Bodies Like Ours Gender Identity Disorder in DSM: Removal or Reform? (modest proposals to reduce harms in the meantime)
04/04/04 Intersexed_Society Honesty And Reason Are Our Best Weapons (we can't just trick hatemongers into accepting us)
02/28/04 Protecting Pregnant Women And Her Fetus (alternative to granting fetus the personhood)
02/16/04 Transecting the Academy Lambda Literary Award for Transphobe (seek reform, not just quick correction)
02/03/04 uJournal Real Child Rape Photos (intersex display puts perverse curiosity over care)
01/30/04 tgpoc Politics of "Abused and abandoned" Children (homophobia is not the only ill of the adoption discourse)
01/27/04 protalk Decriminalize First (regulation deepens class divide among sex workers)
01/21/04 WMST-L Transfeminism Revised (how I came to disagree with my "manifesto")
01/19/04 WMST-L Rules for Talking About Third Wave Feminisms ("third wave" does not equal "young women")